Adaptable Fire Suppression Solutions

T-Series systems for cabinets, engine bays, and enclosures

Engine Area Protection

Automatic 24/7 protection for classic and modern vehicles

Safe Protection for Sensitive Electronics

Non-toxic, non corrosive, no residue system

All Points RV Protection

Comprehensive solutions for all RV systems

Increased Operator Safety

Sound and Light alarms available for industrial applications

Automatic Operation

The special heat sensitive tubing acts as both detection device and storage container, guaranteeing discharge when necessary

A,B,C, Rated Clean Agent

HFC agent leaves no residue and is non-corrosive, non toxic, and non conductive requiring no clean up. The logical choice for sensitive electronics.

Easy Installation

Install using included zip ties or optional insulated one hole straps.

The HFC agent discharges as a liquid, disperses in the form of a gas and leaves no residue after extinguishing which eliminates the clean-up costs.

The HFC agent has a cooling effect on the surfaces that are in proximity. This reduces the likelihood of reignition.

The system does not require any pressurization during installation as it is a self-contained system. Once routed it requires some ties or clips to hold in place.

The system requires no maintenance during its entire working life, the self-contained system is ready to activate at all times.

The system does not require an external power supply to activate. This means that the system is always monitoring for heat without human intervention.

The system design allows for a range of applications and will fit into almost any small enclosure space. Length of system will determine the volume that is dispensed.

The HFC agent does not conduct electricity, corrode, or cause thermal shock damage and therefore there is no risk of harm or side effects to the protected enclosure.

The system will automatically be activated through the detection of increased temperature when placed in the risk assessed areas.

Long durability and no maintenance makes it an extremely cost effective solution.

The fully sealed system has a life expectancy of up to 10 years depending on the type of application and system environment.

The concentration of the agent is harmless to people and possess no threat to health once activated, however the system depletes oxygen in confined areas which can present issues if over exposed.

End of line pressure gauge to visually monitor the system at any time, the gauge shows the current pressure inside the tube and indicates when the system is ready for use.


The blaze cut system did exactly what it was designed to do. Very pleased with this product. I am sure it saved my bus from burning. Yes I will be installing another in my vintage bus.

– John O., Aptos CA

Your product saved my van from a total loss to a minor repair. Ready to buy another one!

– J. Lugo

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