BlazeCut is an automatic fire suppression system that requires no wiring, switches, bottles, or vehicle modifications to install.  You can install BlazeCut in 5 minutes using the included special high temp zip ties and instructions!
Simply use the zip ties to install the extinguisher tube above the potential fire source and forget about it!  This is an ideal solution for classic and modern cars, inboard boats or large outboards (install under the cover), motorized equipment like skid steers, back up generators and more!  With no wiring and zip tie install you can protect your investment without drilling holes or modifying the electrical system!

BlazeCut operates automatically without any power supply by detecting higher temperatures.  When the temperature in the protected enclosure rises to a critical threshold, (sustained temp of 120*C or 248*F) the detection tube melts down at the point where the temperature is the highest.
BlazeCut is ABC rated and leaves no residue!
Order BlazeCut now and start protecting your cars, boats, generators, and more from unexpected fires.  Install BlazeCut anywhere you need fire suppression in an enclosed area!
Check out this great video produced by our friends at JOGR!

 And another great visual from our counterparts "Down Under"!